The following testimonials are collected from comments about the Mervyn Mouse books by Sylvia Creche.

I read this book to my children and am now reading it to my grandchildren. Makes me laugh every time I read it.
We read this repeatedly to our (now 26 year old, dentist) first son and the two that followed. We all enjoyed Mervyn's adventures at bed time, especially his elastic band tail. Several of the verses remain part of the family reportoire.
We were discussing this book today and looked to see if it was still available, my daughter (who's now 20) and myself can still recite parts of this book from memory even after all this time. It was, and is a favourite of both my daughter and son, and one that will be read to their children when they have them even though our copy is a little dog eared from use. If you can get hold of a copy to read to your children do so, it's a wonderful book for the little 'uns!
"My tails not meant to ping!" ha ha ha. We were talking about this the other day - I am now 32, my sister is 21, and my mother is .... older than she was, but we still all laughed at the memory. I dug that same old copy out of the attic later that day, and am now expecting a new generation in the family, who we will all one day read Mervyn to - at least, I will, I think my mother might still be laughing too much..!
Kelly M. Anderson
I can still recall at least 2/3 of the verses in the book! It brings back lots of happy memories and it was (and still is) very amusing. It beats the likes of the Gruffalo and Peppa pig hands down! I will be reading this book to my future children and grandchildren. Thank you Sylvia Creche for this absolute classic!
Miss Jacqueline Anne Hewitt